Confession #2

I sometimes have these moments, where I actually double-over because my stomach hurts from laughing so hard at myself. Unfortunately, and possibly fortunately for this confession there's no photographic evidence.

One Saturday night I was packing up for a job I had on Monday morning. It was an out of town job requiring me to drive on Sunday, so all the packing and shopping had to happened on Saturday night. My boyfriend was out of town, so I was all by myself. I went through the motions, I purchased all the food and I was in the process of separating it to store it properly. I had a bunch of fresh string beans, and by a bunch I mean 3lbs. I washed them and I needed to get the moisture off of them, so I spread them out on some sheet trays. I started by blotting them with some paper towels, but it wasn't doing the trick. So I turned on my ceiling fan, thinking that might work... but it didn't. Then it dawned on me, why not try my hair dryer... so I start blow drying the beans.

In this moment, I remember looking at the clock and being over come with... "oh dear God, it's 9 pm on a Saturday night, I'm in my early 30s and I'm at home blow drying string beans. This is my life...", I couldn't stop laughing. In the middle of the laughter, I felt the need to try and capture the ridiculousness, so I attempted to take a selfie. After multiple tries, I couldn't get me and the beans in the shot, which made me laugh even more. Just imagine how ridiculous I looked repeatedly taking a selfie with a hair dryer and bunch of string beans...oh to be a fly on the wall. I guess I can equate this moment to when I was younger playing at a friend's house and we threw hula hoop in the air and it got stuck in a tree. So we of course thew another thing, I think it was a skateboard, up in the tree to try and knock the hula hoop down, but the skateboard got stuck in the tree too. We ended up with 5 plus random objects stuck in the tree, and laughing so hard we were crying. I think the phrase that explains this confession best is "compounding hilarity".