Confession #1

So I am food stylist. I make food look great, that is what I do. I read another food stylist bio once and she said she "is a makeup artist for the hamburger", (brilliant right?!) I wish I came up with that line. As far as I can remember I have forever been a food nerd. Even in elementary school we used to have a book mobile. It was a bus that was converted to a library that came to our school, and each class got to go out and pick out books once a month. So my friends and my sister would pick out Nancy Drew, Ameila Badelia, The Babysitters Club, or anything normal... and I would pick out cookbooks. Every time. To the point where I think my parents and teachers thought I had a learning disability because I really didn't read the books I would just look at the pictures and go on and on about how good the food looked. I was an odd child, what can I say. However, I think that making food that looks good has always been in my head, I just never even realized that it is a career.

So here I am a food stylist, which brings me great joy. I get to do what I love but sometimes I question my sanity, along with others. Like when I have shop for items for a shoot and the client wants me to bring options of different ketchup's (because not all ketchup's are the same color, in case you didn't know). So once I had 5 different bottles of ketchup along with about $200 of produce (do you know what $200 dollars of produce looks like?? that is a lot of $%^&ing produce). The cashier proceeded to give me the look of... where is your keeper, they must have lost you. But instead they tried to make small talk by questioning me with "you must really like fruit... and ketchup?", to which I quickly responded with, "oh this is for a photoshoot". But in my mind I really wished I was more quick witted and could've responded with, "oh I do love produce, and so does my pet bunny.. I'm having a birthday party for her! You should come! Oh and the ketchup if for me, I just really love ketchup it's my favorite!" Confession, I'm starting to keep a mental list of good responses like these.